Michael – Let Everyone Make Their Own Choices


I could not be left out of the Ascension Journey. Many of you are thinking that nothing is happening. Thinking that looking at a drawing is really something that will not bring anything, that it will not modify anything, nor will it change anything in your lives. I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong, because each Light Code presented here acts directly through the Third Eye, in the pineal gland of each one of you.

When you look at the code, all the energy that is there and all the sacred geometry brought into it, reaches your brain. And it does cause some changes. They may not be visible changes or changes that you feel in your body; but they are changes of consciousness.

Each of you on this journey towards ascension vibrates at a certain frequency. It depends on a series of factors that make up your lives: food, your surroundings, your homes, your families. All of this influences your vibration. But when you look at any of these codes. Immediately, a good amount of vibration and energy is passed on to each of you. Causing you to evolve, causing you to increase your vibrations.

And what happens when you raise your vibrations? You receive more Light. Everything is proportional. The more you vibrate, the more Light you receive. So, understand that nothing needs to be so explicit, that miraculous things don’t need to happen, that nobody will suddenly become full of gifts or feel very different. It’s all very subtle and very gradual.

I’m just telling you that since the beginning of this journey, many of you have already been very interested. And certainly, through these peaks you are experiencing some situations. But not all of you will feel it. As I said, it depends on many factors. 

There are some of you who take the walk seriously; in your diet, in your posture, in your speech, thinking. You’ve isolated yourself from busy places. Many of you are now saying: “Oh, but that’s easy. I want to evolve where there’s noise, where the family doesn’t agree, where everything is contrary to what we want to do!”. I agree. I’m going to agree with you. And I would say that those of you who are in environments where it’s almost impossible to vibrate loudly are much better prepared than those who live far away, who live in tranquility. Because for them, that’s what the world is all about and we know it’s not.

But I can tell you that everyone has their own share. If you’re in noisy environments, a family that doesn’t agree and all the other aspects that we know, it’s because your journey needs to be like this. It needs to be more difficult. It needs to be more…, a little more stronger to achieve what you want. I can say that these are tests of endurance, tests of persistence, tests of patience and, above all, of Unconditional Love.

And if you pass all these tests, you really will be better prepared than the person who lives in complete tranquility. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be vibrating higher than him. It all depends. There are many factors that indicate the degree of vibration of each one of you. At the end of this journey, you will have many Codes in your hands. And then we know what to do with them.

But rest assured, what you have in your hands is precious; it’s something very important, and something that will certainly take you a long way forward. To the detriment of those who don’t have the Codes. But, as I always say, it’s all about choices. If you choose not to believe in the symbols, think it’s all nonsense, that’s fine. Keep going. And up ahead you’ll be different from the others.

No, there’s no way there won’t be a difference. There will be, and it will be huge.” Ah, so now I’m going to all the Codes in one day”.It doesn’t work like that.Everything has to be done gradually. Everything has to be expanded one by one. A maximum of two Codes a day. So, realize that there’s no point in going round and round on top of what we’ve been through, thinking you’re so clever. Because cleverness will get you nowhere.

Do it from the heart, slowly, one every day and you’ll be fine. You’ll finish a lot later than the others, but you’ll have done the right thing.The important thing is to do it. The important thing is to believe in what you’re doing.That’s the flaw you have, you need to see results, results, results. If the result is weak or non-existent, “Oh, that’s no good. That’s no good, it’s no good at all”.

All right, I keep repeating, these are choices. And each of you will have to make your own. But feel free. To choose to follow the Codes or not.  “No, those who don’t follow the Codes won’t go to the Fifth Dimension?” No, I didn’t say that. You’ll just be delayed. That’s all right. You’ll arrive much later than the others. But keep going. No problem at all.

So know that nothing here is done as a joke, or to gain time or attention. Everything has a purpose. And this purpose is being fulfilled by those who believe; by those who are making the journey every day. So keep going.

We’ve almost reached the halfway point. Soon, it will all come to an end. 

And then it will, you will know what to do with these Codes. And you’ll have a lot of work to do with them. But I repeat and I’ll say it again and again: It’s all about choices, and everyone should make their own.

Translated by: Leticia Balbino

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