Michael – Restarting the Journey of Forgiveness(Extrait du texte original publié le 05/06/2022)


Each Master of each Ray will bring a meditation focused on forgiveness. Be ready to forgive and ask for forgiveness. It will not be possible to eliminate everything, every little thing or big thing that needs forgiveness. But I guarantee you that those where this action is more necessary, where it will have greater weight, you will be able to do it.

So this walk will be a little different from the other one, but the purpose is the same: cleaning. So be ready, brave, firm, no doubt. Fear, at this point, is not a good advisor. I would say it will hinder rather than help. So, having the courage to see all that your souls have done over time is not a very easy attitude but necessary.

So beforehand, I say, not everyone can see it, but I assure you that something will come to your mind. You will know what you are forgiving or asking for forgiveness. Those who do not see or do not know the need to forgive or ask for forgiveness will continue to have a huge ego, thinking there’s nothing to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

No one needs to be gifted to have a thought in their mind explaining what they are doing. This is a role that the masters will play. Everyone will receive in their minds what will be dealt with that day. But I know there will be those who will end up and say, “No, nothing came.” So I will say what I always say: Repeat, as many times as necessary, until you see it until you receive in your mind the scene, the idea, the intuition of what you will be forgiving or asking for forgiveness.

And I tell you, this journey will belong. It’s not just one lap that you’ll be able to eliminate everything. It will be a straight walk that will be developed in 7 laps. Everyone will do 7 laps. And with each turn, the meditation will change because as you walk, we may be pulling heavier things to get rid of. Like the other one, there will be no meditation; it is only from Monday to Friday.

We will mend one turn into the other; finish one, start the second, complete the second, start the third, and so on. So be ready and prepared to see a lot that you won’t like to see. Because many of you think you are very saintly: “No, I will never be able to do that!”. It’s really with your current conscience, I agree. What about the past, and what did your soul do in other times when there was no consciousness today?

Then you will find yourself doing horrible things that today you judge and criticize in the other. Be ready. Their souls are not holy. They would already be in the Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Dimension if they were. If you’re still here, you still need to clean up a lot. So prepare yourself to see things that you won’t like but that are necessary for this journey. No, do not associate the Awakening of humanity with these 7 laps. You are not leading the process. Anything can happen at any time. We are taking care of you. It has nothing to do with the rest of the process. Of course, the cleaner you are, the more you will enjoy the Great Awakening, but one thing is not linked to the other; there is no correspondence.

So be ready, courageous, and above all, don’t judge yourself, don’t suffer for acts that your souls have done. You must forgive even your own souls. Because there is no way to judge them. Other times, other times, different situations. None of you are there because you might have made the same decision if you were. So non-judgment is the learning on this journey. And in this way, we believe that you will be ready and able not to judge others, not to judge everything that you will know one day. Just emanating love for their own souls and for other souls.

Translation by Helena do Lago Basile

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