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For you it’s the end of a cycle, for us, it’s just a few more days. Nothing changes. But there is an egregore created on the planet for all these celebrations that take place at the end of the year. As has already been said here, we can’t just ignore the fact that this is happening.

We really are closing this cycle, together with you. No, today is not the last time we’ll meet this year. Next week, on the 27th, we’ll be together, because I want to close this cycle with you on Wednesday. “Ah, but the year doesn’t end on Wednesday!”. Yes, but on this side there will be a short break so that the channel can also rest and recover. After all, it’s been a heavy day, and it’s only fair that it gets some rest.

We’ve told you here many times: There is no dependence on our messages. There can’t be. We bring the Light, the energy, the Love; this is not something to be covered up; it is not something that is just an addiction. It has to be felt and experienced. There are many messages that you can go back and listen to again, and I guarantee that if you ask from the heart you will be led to the ones you need to hear again.

Fill your hearts, my brothers. Fill them with love and joy. But this is not a time for love, this is not a time for joy. Why not? Don’t feel selfish celebrating because others die or because others suffer. Once again I’ll remind you that everyone is where they need to be. At this moment, everyone is fulfilling their soul’s path towards evolution. So don’t deprive yourselves of anything because of anyone else.

Be happy. Get together with your families but within Love. Don’t get together to gossip or to talk badly about each other, because in this way you are not celebrating the one you claim to celebrate. Come together for Love. If there is no Love, let everyone stay in their own homes and let their differences vibrate.

Don’t gather around a table in the name of Jesus, the Christ, as you call him, with a closed heart, with a heart full of hurt, anger, and resentment, because he won’t be present at this table. He will only be present at tables, in meetings, in homes, where families effectively emanate Love, because this is his great representation, no other.

So don’t think that Sananda will be present in a house where there is only envy, prejudice, and a lack of Love. You need to fill your hearts with Love so that he can sit at the table with you. And you can be sure that he will. And this whole cycle will be blessed, that’s for sure.

What is the greatest gift you can exchange? Love, companionship, friendship, respect. These are great gifts. And we know that it will be almost impossible for you not to hug people on these dates. Remember, you’re not at a spiritual gathering. You’re celebrating with your families, with your friends. I can’t say hug, hug, hug anyone you see because I’d be going against everything I’ve ever taught. But hug your families, yes. Hug your friends, yes.

Where there is a mutual feeling, use this date for a big gathering, even to exchange energies. That’s why I say: Welcome into your homes those who love you, those who you will hug and receive Love, not hate, not resentment because it could spoil your day. But if, due to society’s “etiquette”, you still need to welcome these people, simply put your hand on their heart and say: “I bless you!”.

She won’t understand a thing, I’m sure, but she’ll see that there’s a certain difference between the fulfillment of others and hers. “Oh, she’ll be even angrier with me”. Will she? If your heart is filled with Love at that moment, and you place your right hand on her spiritual heart, saying: “I bless you”, be sure, a wave of Love and Light will invade her and you could be in for many surprises.

So at this time, yes, choose who you are going to embrace, but exchange a lot of Love, exchange a lot of Light. And don’t forget the main guest, because he is the reason for all this togetherness, the reason for the full table, or not. There will be those who have little to eat, but if their hearts vibrate Light, vibrate Love, he will be there, sitting next to them, passing on all his Love and energy, even if he hasn’t been invited. Because he is a great guest, and he will always be present wherever there is Love, wherever there is Light.

To close, I’d like to clarify a few points about the cleansing rituals you bought. If we were to take into account every exception you make, I’d say we’d write a book. It’s amazing how many exceptions you want. So I would say the following, despite what has already been said. If you can’t close the door and no one else can come in and put the glass there, don’t do the ritual on the day. That’s the answer. Don’t do it. Do it the day before. Do it when the house is empty, as you wish.

It’s amazing how you want everything to adapt to you. It’s not you who has to adapt to what is said, what has been created has to adapt to your problems. So, if you’re going to have a lot of people and you can’t close the door, don’t do it on the day. That’s the final answer: don’t do it on the day. “Oh, there will be lots of people, lots of days?” Don’t do it on those days. Do it when you can.

Now don’t forget to follow the same sequence as before the end of the year. And only with the masters that were made before the end of the year. That’s it. So it’s settled, it’s settled. If you can’t do it the way it has to be done, don’t do it. Another point: if anyone in the house has a problem with smells, only do it with coarse salt. Make an intention in each corner, because you won’t have an air freshener or incense.

Then you’ll have to go to each corner and have your intention. You will choose the master in the same way. Then ask him to help you with this cleaning, and he will be with you cleaning every corner of your house. Is that it? Then I hope there will be no more questions, no more attempts to adapt something that was created for you to your problems. So that’s that. No more questions.

If there are any other problems that require you to change the ritual, don’t do it that day, and start again when you can, on the day you can, when there’s no one else in your house. Resolved? I hope so. And I’ll just give you one piece of advice: this ritual was created to cleanse you at the end of the year so that at the beginning of the year, your homes will also be clean. But you can do it at any time, you don’t have to do the whole sequence. Choose a master. Do it once a week. Make a habit of doing this ritual from time to time. It will be good for you and good for your homes.

Finally, let me remind you once again: fill your hearts with Love on this date. Attract the energy of the One who is celebrated. Be grateful to Him for all the teachings He left you and for bringing this planet to where it is today. Be grateful. Be grateful. Be grateful.

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