Nada – A Point of Support

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM MASTER NADA!

Being with you all the time is a reason of great joy because we know the importance of the journey you are making now. Many have calm hearts because they are simply letting themselves go with the flow, without caring where they end up.

My brothers and sisters, this is a very important moment in your journey. It is the moment when you begin a new journey. Yes, you do. And why do you begin? All the work you’ve done over time to change, to eliminate so many beliefs that prevented you from moving forward, to change behaviors, to try to think correctly, has given you the strength and ability to get out of this great mass; this mass that is shrinking every day. 

I can’t say that you’re completely out yet, there’s still a lot of work to do, but you’ve already managed to break through the armor that exists around this whole process that has been created. We can say that practically all the inhabitants of this planet are within this process, but many are managing to pierce this armor and break through these forces, and the silhouettes of their bodies are already beginning to appear in the New World, to the sunny, clean planet.

It’s as if you were living in a world within another world. And what is this other world? It’s the path that will take you to the Fifth Dimension. Each of you is at a point in your body where this armor is breaking down. The opposing force that keeps you trapped in it is immense. Then you often manage to get out and are pulled back in, but none of you are entirely inside this armor anymore. The vast majority already have their heads outside. This is important because seeing this New World makes you more capable and more willing to take part in it.

When I say seeing the New World, I’m not saying that you’re seeing it, I’m saying that you feel all the energy that exists in this New World, and your lives, your paths, begin to become lighter, easier in the little things. Start noticing the little details, every little thing that happens in your life, and never forget to be grateful, because everything is being organized to make your life easier and simpler; without so many rules, without so many needs.

It will take longer for your minds to change, because you are still very attached to everything that happens in your world, to all the problems, to the need for daily survival, but over time this too will start to become almost meaningless, and you will find ways, let’s say easier and more peaceful ways of surviving.

Open up to the new. Remember: your heads have already left this world, they are out of their armor. Then you can see the Light outside, the intense Light, the Light that transforms, the Light that uplifts. Cling to that Light. Don’t look inside the armor. Always look at where you are, at this immense and strong Light. And each time your hearts are filled with this Light, you are pushed out a little further. It will depend on your actions and feelings to actually get your whole body out of this armor.

My brothers and sisters, we have brought many gifts here, but they are not gifts simply for the sake of being gifts, they are tools that we are giving you to help you break out of this armor, to help you grow, to help you evolve. My gift is very simple. It’s a small gift, but with a lot of strength, and a lot of power. On the outside of this armor, I have placed many points of support, like something you can hold onto, and in a moment of crisis, in a moment of despair, you can touch these points and not go down into the armor.

So look at the surface of this armor, lots of red dots. I’d say each of you has one. Then push up and put your arms out, and touch this point, and lean on it, hold onto it. Make it a lever to pull you further and further out of this armor. And whenever the world inside pulls you in, just touch this point and it will give you strength so that you don’t penetrate the armor again. It’s a very strong point of support that will give you the strength you need to break out of this armor more and more.

But remember, everything is a whole. You have to lift up your mind and believe in what you are doing. Getting out of this armor isn’t easy, because you’ve lived through many millennia of incarnations. There is still a lot to transmute and breakthrough. So it will depend much more on your hearts than on this red dot I’m giving you. But count on it, because it will not allow you to go down in vibration and back into the armor.

The force there is very great, because it’s a whole context of your Third Dimension world that still requires you to be entirely there, but you’re no longer there, you’re part there and part outside. And it’s this part that’s on the outside that we all want to see rise ever higher. So count on us. Each and every one of us. Ask for our help at all times and you will surely receive it.

Translation: Viviana Accorsi

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