Pleiadians – We will always be with you

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I am KALIGHAT, Commander of the Pleiadian Ship!

Receiving the invitation, to leave with you, a Code of Light within the Ascension Journey, makes me and my entire race joyful and happy.

My brothers, we have been with you for a long time. We can say that the Pleiadian race was one of the precursors of the human race. We can almost say that the vast majority of your bodies contain our DNA. And this brings us a lot of responsibility, because we brought here an entire lineage that we had already lived in the Pleiades.

No, I am not going to remember the time you remained on the Wheel of Samsara. The time of the fall of consciousness. Let’s celebrate the evolution of a race here. Let’s celebrate today, planet Earth’s decision to ascend. Let’s celebrate today the decision of humans living on planet Earth to ascend.

This is the big objective. This is the great party: the evolution of Souls. And in this case, the evolution of souls and consciousnesses. We have been together, always. We have many important representatives on your planet, who are evolved Pleiadian souls, and who brought evolution to this race. You will soon know the whole story; and they will know exactly who we are, what we are and what we have done for the human race.

I’m not looking for flattery or thanks, because everything was done within the Divine Order, within the planning of God the Father/Mother. And we completed each stage, each mission with a lot of Love, with a lot of dedication. Never expecting a return. Never expecting any kind of thanks. We do it because we are Unconditional Love. And this is our role in the universe: to create communities, populate planets and bring technology and knowledge.

Being part of the Ascension Journey is like a great gift for us, Pleiadians. And being able to leave our mark here, our Code, so that you can feel our energy, our Love is a reason for great joy for all of us. Yes, I command a large ship; an immense mothership, which you will see shortly. And I will make a point of welcoming you, inside our ship, very soon.

And then, finally, we will be able to exchange a lot of energy and knowledge. We will be able to exchange many ideas to help this planet prepare consciously for ascension. There is a lot of work to be done. But this work will have to be done by each of you. A big objective, a big goal. So that you can achieve what is necessary for ascension. And we are sure that you will achieve it.

But we will be together, for sure. And, if possible, working side by side, hand by hand, to help you in this endeavor. We can say that we are your ancestors. And we are here today, returning to take you on another journey. To take you to ascension. To lead you to Unconditional Love.

Translated by: Paula Prado

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