Saint Germain – A Protection for Carnival

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

I bring with me a small Violet ball. But this ball is magic. She has no walls. It is not a glass ball full of Violet Light. It is a ball of Violet Light. It has no limits. The limit of this ball of Light will be the limit of your heart.

So I am handing this ball to each of you, placing it in your right hand. It will remain there. You can move, you can take a shower, you can go out, you can play. It will be there, glued to your hand. Its size will depend on what you emanate. If you emanate good feelings, they will grow; They can even take on the size of your body, or even bigger. If you send poor or negative feelings, it will decrease, and it will even run the risk of extinguishing itself. It will depend on your vibration.

What is Violet Light? It is a transmuting Light, which takes all negative energy and transmutes it into Love and Light. So, whenever, during this period, you feel a little uncomfortable, open your hand, look at the Violet ball, (because it will be there), and see it, destroying, transmuting, everything that is around it, of low vibration, into Love and Light. It may even decrease a little with this, but soon, depending on its vibration, it will grow again.

So I leave this gift in the hands of each of you. If you don’t want to, just don’t reach out. Whoever wants it, extend your hand and I will place it. She won’t fall. It will always be glued to your hand. This ball will remain with you until the end of these festivities. At the end of this entire process, it will automatically extinguish. And why not leave it with you forever?

Because her goal is to protect you during this period. Afterward, you will have many other forms of protection. So this is my gift, to each of you who wants it. Emanate Love and it will grow; emanate any other feeling other than Light, and it will diminish or may even go extinct. It’s your choice. Use it whenever you feel the need.

Spend this period with lots of Light and lots of Love in your hearts. This will be a troubled period, where the non-Light will use all weapons to bring violence and lovelessness. So it’s up to you, who has the knowledge, has the expansion of your consciousness, not to allow this. If you feel like you’re about to lose your balance, turn around and walk away. Do not continue discussions, fights, or talk. Don’t give more strength to no Light.

Emanate Love. Emanate peace. Emanate joy, a lot of joy. And your ball will be there, protecting you and helping you get through all this time.

I AM Saint Germain! My Light is Violet. My ray is Violet. And this ball that I leave in your hand carries all my Love, and my strength, helping you to go through this entire process.

Translation by Google Translator. It may have some typos

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