Saint Germain –  Ascension Journey

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

Being part of this Ascension journey is something that only brings joy to my heart.

Understand, my brothers, the journey is beginning to become more subtle and less clear. What do I mean by less clear? We will bring you many things. But all these things need to be seen with the heart, not with the mind. That’s why they’re not so clear.

When you look at a Code of Light, if the soul is on the path of evolution, the soul recognizes that code. The soul accepts the energy that comes from it because it knows the energy there.

However, if the soul hasn’t yet realized the journey it’s on or the path it’s taking, it will look at that code and think it’s just scribbles or a beautiful drawing, nothing else. So, my brothers and sisters, many expect the separation of the chaff from the wheat as something that will have someone sitting somewhere saying: ‘You’re wheat, you’re chaff, you’re chaff, you’re wheat’.

No. Separation will be done by yourselves. Each of you will get closer and closer to the Light, or each of you will get closer and closer to the shadows. There is no in-between, there is no leaving half the body here, half the body there, half the mind, and half there. There has to be integrity.

So each of you is absorbing these codes in your own way. Don’t say: ‘Oh, I’m not seeing anything’. ‘Oh, I’m seeing a lot’. “Oh, I’ve won this! Oh, I won that”. 

Why comment? Once again I’ll tell you that this is ego. Having to show that you’re different, that you’ve received something. In the same way, If you didn’t get anything. Why keep saying that you were not given anything?  To be pitied by others, the poor thing. She hasn’t received anything. So everyone keep to yourselves, your human consciousness might not be seeing or realizing anything, but your soul is vibrating by receiving so much Light. So do you understand why nothing is very clear at the moment?

Everything has to be done from the heart so that your mind follows your soul. The soul is vibrating, the soul is evolving, but the mind seems to be stuck in the concepts you use here. Oh, I have to say it. Oh, I have to listen. Oh, I have to feel it. Why? Many people who don’t hear, feel, or see are extremely evolved because the soul is very evolved.

There’s no need for the body to match because there will come a time when things will equalize and the body will feel everything at once. What matters at this moment is the soul. What your soul has decided, what your soul agreed to when it incarnated at this time. So I can tell you that none of you knows what the path will be.

Admittedly, as representatives of the soul at this time, you can decide to evolve, and then, on the opposite side, you end up pulling the soul that isn’t so keen, because consciousness also counts. But for those whose souls are already highly evolved, their consciousness is far behind. Believe me, the soul is already ahead of you and it’s as if you were only connected by a thread.

But a time will come when the soul will make your consciousness absorb everything it has already learned, absorb everything it has already experienced. And you’ll be in the same place. So what to expect? Nobody knows. It’s hard to know what your souls are doing. Many work at night, many battles at night, and many do some not-very-nice things at night. And during the day you think you’re extremely evolved ready for anything, and you don’t know what your soul is doing. Of course, the consciousness knows of those who don’t follow the light, deep down you know that you’re not being a very honest soul at the moment, but you’re trying. And I applaud you for that because your consciousness is pulling the soul along.

It’s fighting over there and you’re fighting over here. Who will win? I’d say you because you’re the awareness now. So you will pull the soul for sure if you do it from the heart. The light is always stronger than the shadow. So if you want to be light and your soul isn’t, you can pull your soul out. You just have to believe in your power of Light.

Now, if the soul is extremely enlightened, then, on the contrary, you lag behind it. One day you’ll be on the same level, you’ll be together and you’ll understand everything that has happened. As if by magic, you’ll see everything, feel everything, and hear everything. So why worry, because you don’t see, you don’t hear, or do not feel anything?

Follow the path. The path is not just for those with gifts, the path is for everyone. So follow the path now and always follow it with your heart, because those who are doing it half-heartedly are just looking at a drawing, nothing else, and nothing will receive. Therefore, it’s important to point out that it’s not just us, the Ascended Masters or the Beings of Light, or the beings you already know who can emanate Codes of Light.

This is something inherent to the evolved soul. A soul can create its own Code of Light and emanate Light through it. And this is beautiful, very beautiful! So you will have Galactic Brothers bringing Codes of Light. It can also be a code for a race, a team, or a whole planet, where everyone united creates this Code of Light and it emanates the energy of everyone.

It’s very beautiful! So don’t be surprised by the codes to come. There will be many, many representatives, and each one with a lot of love. Never doubt that.

Translated by I Arantes

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