Saint Germain – Our Gifts

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

To bring gifts to you is something that brings us much joy, but at the same time, we always need to be very careful because the way you receive them is not always appropriate. 

It’s important to always remember: We don’t resolve anything; we don’t bring anything; we don’t eliminate anything. If, when we give you gifts, some things start to be solved, to be resolved, it wasn’t the gift that caused it; it was the combination of the energy we bring with your own energy. So don’t put all the glory on the gifts. You are causing this. The trust, the faith, the certainty that there is an energy of very high vibration that will help you achieve what you want. But always remembering, what you want and what is good for you and for the Whole. 

You have been accustomed to placing in images, in objects, in rituals, a whole force, a whole certainty of the solution to every problem, as if you didn’t need to do anything. Put the request there and hand it over to us; hand it over to that object; hand it over to that image, the resolution of the problem. And you don’t need to do anything. Just wait, and always complain when it doesn’t come. 

So I must tell you that nothing happens if there is no intervention from you. Nothing happens if there is no dedication from you. Nothing happens if there is no desire from you. Let’s say you’re going to bake a cake, and then you forget to put yeast in the cake. What is going to happen? The cake will be stunted, the same size as the dough that was created; it will be dry, it will be ugly, we can say, because you didn’t put in it what makes it grow; what makes it soft, fluffy, tasty, which was the yeast. 

 So in the same way, you need to put faith, trust, certainty, into what you are doing. It’s not just throwing it to us or to anything else, what you want. There must be the desire, but the desire from the bottom of the heart. And most importantly, the desire for something that is good for you and for the Whole. There can be no selfishness. There can not be only the “Self”; “This is good for me!” No, it has to be good for you and for the Whole.

So, accept our gifts, yes, of course, but accept them as an extra pinch of yeast; they are not the ones that make the cake rise. Who makes the cake rise is you. And when our energy meets your energy, ah, then a fluffy and tasty cake is produced, which will feed you and everyone. Understand? We can do nothing alone. 

We are giving you the opportunity to improve the dough, to make something more delicious. But if you don’t put in the yeast, our strength is of no use, the cake will not rise. Do you understand this? Our strength, our gifts act, along with your strength, along with your energy. Let’s say our gifts amplify your energy. And if there is none of your energy, nothing happens, that gift has no function.

Stop handing everything over to us, for us to solve. This doesn’t exist because we cannot interfere with free will, nor with your journey. But if you ask for something that is good for you and for the Whole, and ask for our help, and we see that you are committed to it, we help, we amplify your energy for that to happen. 

We are not the ones that make it happen; it’s your energy that caused the reaction. We can say that we only catalyze the process. Wanting something is wanting with heart; it’s being with a heart full of joy, full of Light, full of laughter, for what is being asked. Asking just to ask… there’s no yeast. Asking for something out of selfishness…there’s no yeast. Not to mention, asking for something against others. 

Asking for something just for you, will depend a lot on what you are asking for. If what you are asking for yourself indirectly will be good for the Whole, we will put more of our energy, otherwise, we won’t. So learn to use our gifts. Don’t think we’re giving gifts to make your life easier. Every gift we give is to amplify what you are creating; what you are co-creating; what you are wishing. 

Don’t use our gifts like… “Oh, I’ll ask and… let the energy do it on its own,” because it will do nothing. We are not your little messengers. We are not your employees. We are beings that amplify your energy. We don’t give anything in exchange for anything. We always give, but at least there must be your energy in it, your desire, your heart. 

Translated by: Paula Prado

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