Saint Germain – The Transmuting Crystal Ball

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

With great joy, today I will conclude our journey to you, to assist you in this new stage of your path. My brothers, the energies are intense. Your hearts shine. Your minds try to keep up with what the heart asks for. It’s not easy for them. Your minds have always been the representation of the ego, and changing that so intensely is not easy and not simple. 

Every habit, every custom, every repetitive process in your minds is like creating a path. Imagine your brains as a large bin, where each habit, each custom, each routine, each task is inside a bin, and when it needs to be executed, the brain takes that bin, looks at the path, and goes to it. I can say that the bins in your brains are very old, torn, frayed. Some of them you can hardly see anymore. But it’s been so long, so many times that the brain no longer needs to look at the path; it already knows what needs to be done. 

The ego controls this bin. It always shows you the path you should follow, which little piece of that bin holds the answer you need at that moment. Because it took care to store everything so that tomorrow you don’t forget that back then you tried to follow another path and it didn’t work out well. So, it keeps that path to show you: “Look! This is the way. This is the right path!”

However, these paths were created during eras very different from the present. These paths need to be changed; new paths need to be created. That’s when the ego starts to panic. “No, I’m not going to lose all that I’ve done. I won’t create anything new. The answers are here. The paths are here. Why change?” And it begins to scramble your minds in such a way that you often think you’re getting sick because you can no longer focus on anything, you can no longer have a complete and coherent thought. You start doing several things at once and don’t understand why you’re doing them.

All this confusion in your minds is normal because now it’s the heart that’s calling the shots. The heart bought a new bin, and it’s putting the paths you need to follow for each challenge, taking the power away from the ego. You cannot fire the ego. You cannot send it away because it is a great guardian. We cannot say that it serves no purpose. It does. It serves to give you cunning, wisdom in many situations; it just doesn’t serve to show you the way anymore. The paths it has in that bin are no longer useful. They are outdated; they are old. They no longer lead you anywhere. 

So new paths need to be created. But at this point in my story, there is an important point: the heart must take charge; the ego must be tamed. Because it is very strong; it has called the shots throughout existence. Simply letting the heart take over is not easy because it is screaming, destroying everything out of the anger it feels. And if you start to look at it, your heart will be afraid to fight against something so strong and powerful. 

But I tell you: There is no force greater than the power of the heart. Not even the ego can overcome it. Because there is Love, and there is no greater force than Love. Nothing destroys Love. It can be wounded, hurt, but never defeated. Even those whose hearts are completely black, Love is there, hidden, cornered, but it has not been lost; it just lacks strength because the shell is too large. But the day it is broken, it expands rapidly, like an illness; it’s just a beneficial illness because it cleanses, transforms, and evolves the being that allows it to act. 

So my brothers, after all this history, I want to give you a little tool to help your hearts transmute everything the ego has created; to dissolve those paths already learned. You need to create new paths. You need to build new ideas, leave the old behind. Everything must be new for the New World, for the new dimension. 

So I’m giving you a small crystal ball. But it’s large; it’s a Violet Crystal Ball. Place this ball near where you sleep. Every morning, place your dominant hand on it and simply say, “Saint Germain, transmute all the outdated paths in my mind into new paths and new ideas.” You can use other words as long as they have the same meaning: transmute what is old and bring in the new.

You will see that, little by little, new ideas will begin to emerge in your minds. You will tend to do things differently, and the old will start to decay, disappear, no longer exist. But there is an important fact here that needs to be said: This transmutation also calms the ego, takes away its anger for no longer being in control, and it begins to understand that it still needs to help you find your way, pay attention, be wise, and not repeat many mistakes. 

This is the ego’s role. It’s a new role. And it will enjoy not just being left behind but being taught new paths. And there will come a time when there won’t be two bins, one for the ego and one for the heart. There will come a time when the two will unite and build together the new path to the Fifth Dimension.

Translated by: Paula Prado

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