Sananda – Celebrate the Joy of My Soul

My heart is always filled with joy every time I can communicate with you; and pass on my thoughts and ideas. You are celebrating an important date on the planet, where I am the center of attention. I have come here several times over the years to explain exactly what this date is.

It’s necessary for everyone to start breaking away from the many beliefs and dogmas that have been imposed on them, and to start seeing me only as an enlightened soul and a being with a very great mission for this planet. My mission was to free them; to free them from the judgment of those who came here to disorient them, to effectively take them away from the path of the Light.

Nothing that happened was premeditated. Nothing that happened was planned or orchestrated by God the Father/Mother. My death freed no one.  My death didn’t take away anyone’s sins. My death was a consequence of the inconvenience caused to those who took care of that time. My voice had to be silenced, or all the lies that had been created would be put to the ground.

Don’t celebrate tomorrow as a sad day, or a day of suffering. My body has suffered, but my soul has freed itself; my soul has evolved, and today I am who I am. I’m the one looking after this planet for now. And I will finish my mission very soon, after Gaia’s ascension. But I will never abandon you, because my energy will be in the hearts of those who love me.

So think of me tomorrow, in this period that you are celebrating, only with…, a date of joy for my soul, because it was the liberation of my soul. Don’t see it as sad or suffering. The suffering my body went through was only to leave a message. The message of intolerance, the message of authoritarianism, the message of those who always feel uncomfortable. Nothing more.

Start freeing yourselves from beliefs and dogmas that will lead you nowhere. The truth is very different. Be grateful for this whole process that is happening right now. A process of change and, above all, a process of bringing the truth to everything.

Start preparing your hearts for the truths. They will be hard and ugly, very ugly. Disappointment will practically reign in every heart. But this will be the moment when you will need to transform this feeling into light and hope for a better world ahead.

Celebrate my existence. Don’t celebrate my death. Celebrate my presence in your hearts. Feel my joy in your hearts. Don’t suffer, don’t cry. Don’t worship my death. Cultivate my life, my existence, my words, my teachings. Accept me entirely into your hearts. And don’t let any other idea, any other cult be imposed on your minds.

See me as an enlightened being, present in the hearts of those who love me. And just feel my energy, feel the Love I emanate for each one of you. Worship my soul, worship my energy, worship my existence, not my death.

Understand, my sons and daughters. The truth hurts. The truth often brings suffering, but it comes from the Light. And everything that comes from the Light opens paths, opens ideas, and brings hope to the heart of every being.

Translator: Viviana Accorsi

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