Sananda – We know about the difficulties

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! A AM SANANDA!

Once again, I can be here with you, and know that in my heart, I am with you every day. Even if I don’t bring messages, even if I don’t express in my words all the teachings I have, I am with all of you all the time, in your hearts. 

Hold on to the Light! Be the Light! Don’t let yourselves be carried away by small and petty feelings. Within the Third Dimension, we know that it’s not easy for you to emanate Light all the time because problems arise, adversities appear, dissatisfactions appear all the time. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid this because many of these are part of the grand process that was created around you. 

It is necessary to have a very strong, centered, and focused mind on what you want to maintain. We know it’s not easy; the mundane tasks often take you away from the path of tranquility; routine weighs on your shoulders; the daily repetition of the same things, the same interests, contributes to you feeling disheartened, often lost within the context. 

We know that keeping elevated thoughts, maintaining high vibration, is not an easy process because the environment doesn’t help; the lessons don’t help; those around you don’t help; and there is always that moment when you feel like giving up, abandoning everything because the journey is not easy. 

Yes, my sons and daughters, we are fully aware of everything. Many think that we don’t know how difficult it is to live where you are. I would just like you to remember that a large number of us have also lived there and know exactly what the appeal of this world is. And many of us have been away from earthly life for a long time, so the appeal today is much greater, much more difficult. We know that. 

But we need to encourage you to stay on the path because if everything I said here actually makes you disheartened or give up, our mission will be incomplete. Because that’s not what we want. We want to be by each of your sides and help you in this endeavor, in this journey. Ask for our help. As we have been saying almost daily: We cannot alter your lessons; what you have to go through, you will go through, but we can, indeed, alleviate some of this burden, this discontent, this discouragement that begins to take over you. 

Many are tired; they have made a long, difficult journey of changes: in thoughts, paradigms, everything; and little is actually coming as a result, on the contrary, they are seeing a world that is increasingly worse, facing more difficult things, a world more challenging to live in. I would say to you that it will not improve. The burden of your world will not get easier, but the burden of each one of you can be made lighter. 

Don’t expect beneficial changes in your world. Not for now. It is necessary for the world… I will speak here in a parable: ‘The world needs to drown entirely in the rot of human beings so that it can understand that there is air above its head.’ Your world needs to learn, and it will not be an easy time. But I repeat here and now: Your journey can be lighter.

Ask for our help. Do not fear. Do not think that you will bother us. Do not think that we will not answer you. Always remember only this: we do not remove the lessons, but everything else we can help with, we can alleviate the burden; show paths that lead to changes, however small, that will make a difference, that will help each of you to have a little joy, a little enthusiasm, to know that you are succeeding.

Do not be disheartened. Do not give up. You have our help, just ask. We cannot take you out of this environment yet because it will depend on the evolution of each one, the frequency of each one, but we can, in a way, modify your surroundings; help you overcome annoyances in a lighter way without taking you off the path or leading you down the wrong paths. 

Believe, we are just a request for help away. Just ask. Just do not ask us to remove your lessons because they need to be learned, but everything else, we are here to help, we are here to facilitate this journey. We are aware that it is not easy, that it is heavy, and you need help. There are many of us. Call one. Call all. Call whoever you want. We all have the same purpose. 

And never doubt. Never. If it weren’t for the Love we have for all of humanity, everything would be much worse. We have done what has been possible without interfering with the lessons of humanity as a whole. And we have prevented many things from happening. So trust us. Ask for our help, but ask from the heart. And surely, we will alleviate the burden for each one of you. 

Translated by: Paula Prado

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